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Infrastructure Upgrade

Infrastructure Upgrade

When was the last time your business had an infrastructure upgrade? If the answer is more then 5+ years, you should consider receiving a free network assessment from Ascendant Technologies, Inc. Aging network hardware can pose a serious risk to your IT security and network performance. The most valuable devices you should keep an eye on are your servers, network switches, firewall, and routers. If one of these devices fails, your entire business can be interrupted.  This can cost you additional support and may result in the delayed arrival of parts (often out of production). The older hardware also introduces security concerns. Aging hardware is easier to infiltrate by hackers and malware threats. Upgrading your network infrastructure can improve your overall performance, serviceability, and security.
  • Improved performance
  • Secure business network
  • Current parts & service contracts for support
  • Avoid unplanned downtime

If you are seeing repair bills on a regular basis this can add up quickly and you would benefit from an infrastructure upgrade.  Your aging IT infrastructure isn’t doing you any favors if the hardware or software is no longer under support.  This means you will have issues finding a quick replacement part or support from the vendor if your hardware ever has a failure.  We can assure you these third-party vendors aren’t cutting you any breaks on the bill either.  You will save money by replacing the hardware with modern technology, instead of repairing the same older system.  Often we’ve noticed the newer technology is environmentally friendly and consumes less electricity, saving you additional money on your company electric bill.

Every day hackers and malware are getting more sophisticated.  It can be difficult to keep up with today’s latest infection.  It is vital to your business network that you keep your systems within the support timeframe.  Once the hardware is out of support, they no longer update the system to patch and protect it from these computer viruses.  A modern infrastructure will keep you one step ahead of the hackers.  Don’t put your company data at risk, maintain a clean business network today.

As staff attempt to complete daily tasks they could be slowed down by an outdated business infrastructure.  Their next step is to create a support ticket and wait for the troubleshooting to be completed.  If you decide to upgrade your infrastructure then your staff will be able to work through the entire day uninterrupted by computers that freeze or broken software.