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The World's First Adaption Shooter!

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ASCENDANT.COM isn’t your granddad’s FPS, unless he’s into brand spanking new 3v3v3v3 squad-based, tactical shooters with serious balls. A shooter with Game-changing event balls and extensive adrenaline-fueled battle balls.

Set in a constantly changing BioPunk world where everything wants to kill you. Fight over limited resources and try to get out with more than just your dignity.

Adapt or die trying

Those are the only options in this ever changing world. Every time you go out, the map will be different. Landscapes, extraction points, strategies, events, teams. None of them stay the same, constantly reshaping the battleground, forcing you to outthink, outmanoeuvre, and outshoot the poor bastards eyeing your biocores. With 4 teams and only 3 biocores, someone’s going home empty handed (if they go home at all). To walk away with this life giving tree sap, you’ll need to plan, coordinate, and adapt (when that plan goes to shit).


After being on ice for a thousand-years, you’ve woken up to a Bio-Punk world that’s been beaten to a pulp by a cataclysmic event known as the Cascade. Luckily, the neon jumpsuits, leg warmers, and 80s rock anthems survived. Unfortunately, so did the tank-sized poison spitting turtle things. Just one of the side effects of biological over-engineering that has blurred the line between organic and synthetic life.

The upside? Loads of sweet Bio-Punk weapons and tech to play with. The downside? Mutant creatures and other survivors that need to be killed with said futuristic firepower.

A WORLD OF SURPRISES (To kill you with)

Your ability to adapt and swallow whatever this world throws at you is pretty important. There’s a full buffet of crazy stuff for you to get into, but here’s a little tasting platter of some things to expect.


When you’re not clocking headshots or running for your life, feel free to relax and explore the lobby we call the shade. But this isn’t just a waiting room. The shade is packed with everything you could ever want in a vibrant post-apocalyptic hub (except a dry cleaner). Here you can meet fellow fighters, talk smack, solve intricate jumping puzzles, challenge others to one-on-one duels, try out weapons and vehicles, prepare your loadout for the next extraction, or just play hide and seek. All of which are great distractions from the realization that you are going to die soon.


Everyone in the shade is a special, little snowflake, so it’s important to find a weapon that truly reflects each fighter’s unique personality. With thousands of possible modifications, any weapon can be tweaked to the way you like to kill things. Want to turn your sniper into an area-of-effect blasters. Fine. Wish your rifle literally lit up enemies. Done. Whatever you want, you got it. And this deep customization affects not just the look of your weapons, but also how they play, allowing you to adapt and enjoy lighting fools up even more.


If you’re going to launch yourself into the murder bowl, you might as well look good doing it. So before you head out into the world of pain, why not try styling yourself to death.

Choose from hundreds of customization options to create a character that truly represents the futuristic, 80s, radical version of yourself. Maybe you’re feeling a bit like a slick David bowie, or maybe a bit more of a rugged terminator. Maybe a bit of both. Who cares? No matter what you choose, It’ll have blood all over it soon enough.